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Mirror-Image: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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Cast a Video Stream and Hook a Global Audience

Online video has come a long way since 2006, when Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion. Today, companies in just about every industry use video to convince consumers they need their services or show them how it works. These companies can also deliver their videos to viewers anywhere in the world and on any device type including the desktop, iPhone, Android and tablets.

Live video streaming has evolved over the years too, Companies are streaming religious services, concerts and special events, seminars and workshops, live sporting events and even broadcasting news stories from their smartphones and streaming it in real time and in high definition. Just about anyone with a portable
device can now deliver a live video stream in just a few minutes.

And with content targeting, companies can deliver the content intelligently based on the viewer’s interests as well as their geographic location. This enables marketers to deliver messaging that’s more relevant for the viewer and make it more engaging for them too. We’ll see more and more businesses using these technologies to hook even broader audiences next year.

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