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Live Sports TV Executive Predictions: Cloud-Based Production Is the Future

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As we all start to come out of the pandemic and its effects, we see distributed workflows being the normal standard of operations more and more. Distributed workflows go hand in hand with cloud production where we are not dependent on a physical rack room of gear. Due to the chip shortages, we are definitely seeing in the audio industry an acceleration in software designed solutions. More and more solutions are going to depend on common computing infrastructure in order to handle the ever increasing demand of products that just simply cannot be manufactured. This change is only going to strengthen the move to the cloud 
and the distributed workflow in audio and video production. 

Working with cloud-based production brings so much more flexibility to the table. Flexibility in design, flexibility in costs, and flexibility in staffing. With the distributed workflow model, we simplify so many of our logistics for an event. We will see more opportunities where we can use our best talent for the position multiple times a week instead of wasting a day or two traveling to a site. The bigger part of all of this change is the higher quality of life our employees can enjoy. We made this change to a distributed workflow almost 5 years ago and it has resulted in happier employees along with more productivity. The pandemic accelerated the process to the masses. Cloud workflows along with distributed workers where possible are here to stay.


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