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Hot Products: Magewell USB Fusion

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Product Overview

Magewell’s new USB Fusion multi-input video capture and mixing device lets users combine camera and wired screenshare sources into attractive live presentations for online lectures, webinars, live streaming, video conferencing, and other applications.

Building on the renowned ease-of-use of the company’s market-leading USB Capture devices, the new hardware lets users combine multiple inputs to keep audiences engaged without the need for additional switching or mixing tools.

Magewell USB Fusion

Switch, Combine, and Capture

The USB Fusion hardware features two HDMI inputs and one USB AV input. Common use cases incorporate one HDMI camera source, a wired HDMI screenshare source – such as graphics or slides displayed from a laptop computer – and a USB-connected source such as a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera or webcam. Users can switch between 1080p60 HD sources or combine two inputs (picture-in-picture or side-by-side) into one output and bring the result into popular software via its USB 3.0 interface. Input sources can also be combined with pre-recorded media through the free companion tablet app.

The device’s HDMI output can loop through an input signal or send the combined scene to a connected display or projector, while an analog audio input lets presenters augment the sources’ embedded audio with narration or music. USB Fusion devices support Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems and are compatible with standard UVC and UAC specifications, enabling extensive software interoperability and easy, driver-free setup.

Flexible Control

USB Fusion offers three ways for users to compose and control their presentations. On-device buttons allow users to switch between full-screen sources or select a combined scene layout, while a browser-based web interface offers scene switching, volume adjustments, and device configuration.

The full presentation power of USB Fusion is unlocked through the third control option, the free USB Fusion companion app for iOS® and Android® tablets. The intuitive app provides expanded layout controls and lets users add pictures, video clips, background music, and handwritten notes into their presentations. Presenters can set up playlists incorporating live video and other media in advance, and record or take screenshots of the combined output onto the hardware’s built-in storage. Annotations can also be exported to files for archiving or subsequent sharing.

Magewell solutions are distributed in North America and South America by Mobile Video Devices (MVD).

MAGEWELL.com | sales@magewell.com | Phone: 610-921-5720

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