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Haivision SRT Hub Provides Alternative to Costly Satellite Links

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Haivision SRT Hub is a cloud-based service for routing low-latency, secure and reliable media for broadcast contribution, production, and distribution workflows. SRT Hub is the ideal solution for broadcasters seeking alternatives to costly satellite links, purpose-built fiber networks, or proprietary transport solutions.

Leveraging the global reach of Microsoft Azure with 54 regions worldwide, and available in 140 countries, SRT Hub ensures that the first-mile hop to the cloud is as short as possible, no matter where events are happening.

SRT Hub is adaptable to specific workflow needs. Based on an open and documented framework, developers can create Hublets to provide input and output media translation, metadata alignment, user access, and control. With Hublets, broadcasters can connect multiple solution vendors in a unified workflow.

Haivision SRT Hub

Product Target Market

When news is breaking, broadcasters need fast, on-demand ways of getting their content from the field to production, even from unexpected locations worldwide. SRT Hub helps broadcasters and video service providers easily build live and file-based content routing workflows on-demand, with security and reliability.

Automate Transport Through the Cloud

SRT Hub removes the complexity of spinning-up regional cloud resources and determining the best path through the internet. Leveraging the latest Microsoft Azure cloud architecture, SRT Hub automatically provisions the processing resources (containers) required in any data center to intelligently scale and route media from source to destination.

Connect to Production Workflows

SRT Hub can automatically route media into and out of third-party broadcast systems through the use of connectors called Hublets to extend the platform’s capabilities. Hublets are designed to support live-to-live, live-to-file, and file-to-file workflows for delivering content to cloud service/microservice or on-premise systems. Whether delivering a live feed to cloud storage for collaborative editing or to production suites at the broadcast center, SRT Hub is the fastest and easiest way to bring content in from the field and get it to air quickly.

Technical Specs

  • Automated Routing: Reduce setup time and minimize errors
  • Flexible Hublets: Connect SRT Hub to your production ecosystem
  • API-Driven Integrations: Easily integrate into existing broadcast workflows
  • Easy-to-Use: Intuitive node-based workflow for on-demand routing
  • Remote Device Control: Provision and manage end-points
  • Live and File: Transport video securely and reliably
  • Powered by SRT: Easily send live and file-based content globally

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