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Haivision: Executive Palmistry 2014

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One of the dilemmas of the past few years has been the broad scale adoption of a consolidated media approach within the enterprise. We have seen enterprise video vendors struggle in growing towards this immense market potential. We have seen online video platforms mature within the media sector but falter with efforts to really get into the enterprise. We have seen equipment manufacturers sidestep end-to-end responsibility. This results in technical complications that hinder adoption. Simplicity and scale will rule going forward. 2014 will see the emergence of true solutions providers that address the needs of the enterprise.
The primary objective is to deliver a controlled and metered media experience to audiences, enabling collaboration where needed. A key trend for 2014 and beyond will be to remove the main barriers to adoption—the technology itself—from the user experience. Regardless of location (in a facility or in a coffee shop), regardless of content (video or rich media), regardless of device, live or on-demand, contributing or consuming, searching, editing or adding metadata—the technology needs to disappear and the users need to be empowered.

In order to provide the enterprise with end-to-end solutions supporting broad-scale adoption, fundamental approaches are necessary. The first is a hybrid platform—the combination of on-premise and cloud-based media contribution, management, and distribution. The second is secure reliable transport fueling the highest quality viewing experience between facilities on any network. To this end, Haivision is already delivering solutions that address this end-to-end enterprise media challenge today, and is innovating user experiences for tomorrow.

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