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DVEO Executive Predictions: NEXTGEN TV and AVOD/FAST Continue to Grow in 2022

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As predicted by our former CEO in 2020, the consumption of IP-Video will remain growing. We are glad to have been one of the key contributors to that shift globally, working with government agencies and companies of all sizes.

As the CEO of DVEO, my top predictions for 2022 will be:

  • NEXTGEN TV (aka ATSC 3.0). More TV manufacturers and major stations will adopt this technology this year. DVEO is well-positioned as a solution provider for ATSC 3.0 equipment and workflows.
  • AVOD/FAST streaming services will still enjoy steady growth as new services are coming up and new content is produced. DVEO facilitates the tools and services for creating and distributing FAST TV channels, solutions for processing AVOD, ad-insertion, and OTT monetization tools.
  • New FTTH Telecom operations will be launching worldwide and would need to offer TV services to customers; these operations are now more affordable than ever before.
  • The world of BLOCKCHAIN, NFT and METAVERSE, will be taking a more significant role in the media and broadcast industry. DVEO Digital OTT team has solutions that allow our clients to monetize video content over NFT tokens or crypto currencies. Our streaming solutions are well equipped to deliver content to the METAVERSE and used in tandem with decentralized video delivery solutions.

DVEO today is sitting at pivoting time for TV history. We are well-equipped with solutions for content providers and Telecom companies to help them produce, transform any content and distribute it wherever they need to take it. We have a strong lineup of software and appliance-based solutions and the expertise to support our clients that demand practical and efficient solutions in the Cloud or on-premises.

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