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Why Bother With DRM When Users Can Record the Screen?

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Tim Siglin: Why would you even attempt DRM when you can simply record a PC screen with HD or better quality?

Olga Kornienko: Well, I think it depends on the type of recording you're talking about. I start most conversations with clients by admitting right away that there's absolutely nothing in this world that will prevent somebody from putting their phone or a camera in front of another camera and recording everything that's on the screen. And if that is the content you expect to consume, then that's perfectly fine that what you're going to watch as a recorded part of the content. Outside of that, there are output protection levels that can prevent screen capture. It depends on the device. It depends on the player. You can do certain things in browsers and you can not do certain things in browsers depending on what you're trying to achieve. So DRM does prevent a good amount of screen capture. It just depends on the device playing back the content.

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