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Video: What Defines the New OTT Experience?

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Oliver Lietz: I see that the new kind of applications go beyond standard OTT, which means in former times it was one-to-many. It was a kind of lean-back experience where you have the broadcaster and the big audiences watching an event or a show. Now it's getting more and more interactive. The audience gets involved, and that creates a lot of new use cases, and there are also specific industries like betting, auctioning, gaming, which rely on these interactive elements, so which cannot work with the standard OTTs. So it's a complete different industry then.

So there is a shift we see in these kinds of applications where these new kinds of industries come to the broadcast and want to add video to their solutions, but don't bring the expertise which was required in former times to do video. It's more like many-to-many applications, it's 24-7 operation, go instantly live anywhere around the world and just rely on the servers and platform which you can use to bring that into your own business environment. So that's things I see in the OTT space, which are somehow not only changing, but also adding things which are coming new to the table.

Luke Dyer: I think it's sort of the transition from one-to-many and being able to provide many-to-many experiences and different things that the digital transformation affords. I think there's kind of a general convergence for traditional broadcasts and being able to send those signals over the air or over cable and the digital-first media that many of us, if you've been coming to this show for a while, is where many of those things start. And those types of things are converging to a place where you can have things like low-latency streaming or some of those things that are maybe influenced out of gaming or mobile applications and being able to bring that into an environment that traditionally was operating over coax cable and more traditional formats.

So the things that you see from both the quality and performance expectation, the difference between whether that's coming over broadcast or whether that's coming through an IP-based network in many cases is one and the same to an end viewer. How those workflows are managed, how rights are managed, the systems that those content creators or content producers and content distributors use for that content--many times is one and the same.

So I think with that comes new ideas and people say, "Well, on this gaming platform or in low-latency environments, this auction platform has these capabilities, these features to engage an audience." And I think you'll start to see more of that in some of the more traditional applications.

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