Video: Subscription vs. AVOD for OTT Monetization

Learn more about OTT monetization at Streaming Media's next event.

Watch the complete video of this panel from Streaming Media West, OTT101. Building a Better OTT Mousetrap: Creating Video Services That Consumers Want, in the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Michael Dale: We are looking at customer lifetime health. Does this user come back to the service if they get hit with more ads or less ads? We’re trying to understand the economics of subscription vs. AVOD.

You're getting X dollars as per thousand views on an ad-supported basis and X dollars per subscriber on the subscription models. It's a much larger per-user value to do the subscription.

But I think it also goes back to churn. We don't necessarily have to look at our users as either subscribed or not. Some subscribe seasonally, but then still watch content through AVOD over time.

We're trying to do our best to use all that data to engage with the users through their lifecycle of subscription or not subscription to bring them back into the service. This helps us keep a sense of the user regardless of their subscription state.

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