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Server-Side vs. Client-Side for Streaming Ad Insertion

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Jeremy Brown: Originally, with the first-generation Apple TV, the only way to get onto that platform was server-side. So that really triggered a love for me on that. Once we'd done that, we rolled it into every other device. So I think we touched on a few benefits of server-side, the other ones being that the video quality and the loudness are part of the transcoding steps. So you've not just got a linear playback experience, but you've got one where you don't get those loud ads that you often get on other experiences. It does present more challenges than client-side ads for the buyer. But I think they've all come around. It's taken a few years, but they all get it.

Jarred Willichinsky: For the most part server-side ad insertion, without a doubt. It's a TV-like experience. Because we all run TV, it has to work like TV, and that is the best way to achieve that. For certain executions, certain platforms, server-side might not make sense, and you have to do client-side. So, if you have your choice, server-side. But there are plenty of scenarios where you can't do it and you gotta do client-side actual insertion. I think the distinction is where you do tracking, and that's where you can really pivot and do a lot of different ways. And the more tracking you could bring to the client, the better, and that really comes to platform- and device-specific on where you can get away with it. And what Jeremy said is true: Server-side ad insertion lets you normalize audio because none of us like having loud or soft ads that make you not have a TV-like experience.

Larry Allen: I agree with everybody. Server-side is the right way to go. Given the kind of consumer experience that we're all managing, TV has set an expectation, and I think now with all of the streaming platforms, you have to have the same high-quality experience that you had gotten in broadcast. So server-side's the right way to go.

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