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Partnering, Scaling, and Distributing OTT Content

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Nadine Krefetz: With the distribution of content, how does that work in terms of where people are able to either build out their content where they don't have it, or are able to have a wider offering? Really, this is my roundabout way of asking, Chris, what are you doing with other people?

Chris Hall: hat's a great question. It's a great setup. Xumo takes the approach of, we'll help meet you wherever you are with your content as a content owner. You can bring us a library of your back catalog. You can bring us content that's recently been produced, and we can really work within any model. If you already have it stitched into linear. if you're looking for monetization help, if you're looking for a monetization partnership where you might have an ad sales group and someone that can monetize it, we can help do backfill. So it's really an opportunity to take whatever content exists within your universe, and then package that into our distribution footprint.

That can exist within our owned and operated network, where Xumo is the application. We can help deliver it to major OEMs or telcos. And then, where we're really excited to see a lot of growth is in our syndication business, off-platform. And that's actually where we do merge into more of a B2B play where we're really connecting the pipeline--the same technology and the same content programming strategies that we can validate that work inside of our application inside of our B2B connections. Then we can take and distribute to other platforms that are essentially really exciting in the space as well, whether that be the Roku channel, Samsung TV Plus--some of these other emerging players in the space.

We can help fulfill those needs. If you don't have the engineering team to build yourself an app, we can give you a home for that content. If you already do have your own app strategy and distribution strategy, we can help be a part of that story and a part of that journey. We take a really wide view of distribution, try to meet the user where they are on devices that are interesting, and also help support the content partner and advertiser to to help everyone make money throughout the effort.

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