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How to Be Agile with Streaming Metrics

Learn more about streaming analytics at Streaming Media East 2022.

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Ethan Moore: For us, since I have to holistically look at how the business is going from startup to adolescence, it means continuous and constant calculations. These we're once lagging indicators. But if we know that this is the lifetime value of an account that was cohorted from a month ago, we can update those levers on the backend or inputs that say, "Okay, this is the cost of acquisition (CAC) we need to have for somebody." But let's also look at what's gonna make somebody turn out. Is it how many days it takes us we ship a device that they start streaming? Because they'll remember what it is. They plug it in the bar, they're excited, and they go. So we can start looking at the things that might have been lagging indicators, but put those in a way that is fresh.\

During this time--because everybody says, "Oh, during COVID during COVID during COVID"--it's true, it's very fluid. Maybe we stop looking at streaming hours and we look at ad requests from the DSPs. So then we can start putting those inputs into actually have more leading indicators, because it kind of changes month over month. You don't want to be pivoting too much, but us remaining agile or understanding what that new goal line is has been extremely helpful.

Nadine Krefetz: It almost sounds like it would be important to keep a lot of the data that you had been collecting. And then as you add new ones, which sounds like you're potentially creating a lot of different categories, are there different measurement tools which I could see as being confusing since we're talking about measuring what matters, not measuring everything?

Ethan Moore: Right. Measuring what matters to the person I'm talking to--marketing sales, finance executives, product.

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