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How Vimeo Helps Video Pros Use Data Better

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Nadine Krefetz: What is it that you're measuring--or what is it that you've had to create so that you can actually do your job better?

Kieran Farr: One of the unique things about Vimeo's OTT offerings is that it's really accessible to all price points. In fact, we even have a free trial of this all-in-one platform. And the good news here is that out of the box, you're gonna get tons of data, all these preconfigured reports. And there are things that, I'm sure, lots of folks in this call would already be able to talk about, like your net gain or loss of customers, time watched, etc.

But one of the problems that we have with this audience who's learning is that it's challenging to know what is the right data to look at. And that may change over time as the maturity of your business changes. So again, for Vimeo, a lot of our work is not just providing the data, but it's also trying to help people understand what data is useful. And this is actually my new job at Vimeo. I created a program called Vimeo Experts, and the whole intention here is to help video professionals start to understand the marketing and the data analytics that are underneath all of the streaming stuff that we get excited about. So again, all the data's there, but it's really hard to figure out what's the right thing at that right moment for such a diverse audience.

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