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How Streaming Channels Can Attract Programmatic Advertisers

With 55-60% of advertising dollars flowing to Amazon, Meta, and Google, streaming services need to be strategic and deliberate in differentiating their offerings to audiences and the brands that support them. In this clip from Streaming Media Connect, Evan Shapiro, CEO, ESHAP, discusses the challenges to staying ahead of the market in the competition for ad dollars with Lana LoRusso, VP Sales, Atmosphere TV.

“In this day and age, I think you have to be cognizant of who your audience is, and you have to be smart about the platforms that you're on,” Shapiro says. “It isn't enough to just have a product and put it out there. You have to stay with the market, ahead of the market, and you have to offer audiences cool things, but then you have to turn around and offer advertisers cool shit too. Especially in a world where 60% of all ads go to three companies.” He says to LoRusso, “You do have a very differentiated product offering in the marketplace. How do you deal with your advertisers? Is it all programmatic? Do you do branded content? What is the mix that you take out to the marketplace?”

“That is such an interesting question because I've been here since January and we didn't have a New York sales office,” LoRusso says. “We only had a couple of people here. And getting advertisers, especially in New York or anywhere, across the country…getting any ad agency or any client to put a new product on their schedule for one of their campaigns is so hard because of what you just said.”

LoRusso mentions the unique challenges that Atmosphere faces due to the nature of its “Out of Home” (OOH) advertising within venue premises and the unique streaming video setups that entails. “We're in 65,000 venues, so we're not small,” she says. “We're nationwide, but we don't have sound. It's sound optional. So then that's a problem. Okay, so how are you continually being creative, and how can you buy us, and what other new ideas do we have?” She says that one of the best things about Atmosphere is how flexible they are to new ideas. “Over the past year, it's grown from about 25,000 venues to over 65,000 venues,” she says. “And we deal not with just coming into all these bars and restaurants all over the place, those one-offs, but building bigger partnerships like a Choice Hotels or QSR Restaurants and building it that way to get more scale. We have to be super flexible and nimble. We have to say, ‘Yeah, you can run programmatically, you can buy us direct, we can do custom content.”

She further outlines many of Atmosphere’s offerings. “We can create creative for you at no extra premium,” she says. “We will provide a brand lift study or a research study with every single campaign you do to prove it out. That's really important. We can target all the way down to the zip code. So if you are, let's say, M&Ms/Mars, we can target anywhere to get people in there to buy your product. Then, we have to be creative with the content. We just launched a newer version of our trivia channel where people can be really interactive. In the bars, we found that people really like trivia. And then, how do you make these little things and celebrate them even more? Do you provide trivia nights across a certain number of bars? Do you provide prizes? Do you have advertisers that can send in drinks? You have to get really creative. You have to offer a lot in the beginning. You have to be very flexible and open to it because getting new advertisers to try something new in a sea of everything else is really hard.”

Watch full sessions from Streaming Media Connect November 2023. We'll be back in person for Streaming Media NYC on May 20-22, 2024. More details here.

Watch full sessions from Streaming Media Connect November 2023. We'll be back in person for Streaming Media NYC on May 20-22, 2024. More details here.

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