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How Packaging Impacts the OTT Ad Experience

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Tony Stott: From my side, looking at ad quality, how does that impact the customer? SSAI--server-side ad insertion--is a really good example where packaging is really important for for ads, because if you've got an ad break coming in just after a segment starts, then these really small segments can throw the players out and cause huge amounts of buffering and player fails on particular players. Some players really hate it. So changing the way that you're packaging, making sure your segments are coming in at goods intervals around the ad break is a really good way of bringing down the impact that ads have on quality of experience. Rather than having a normal-sized segment and a very short segment, you modulate when you have two intermediate-sized segments, with all the ad breaks, just after the ad breaks, and get around this. These short segments have a huge impact on quality,

Nadine Krefetz: But isn't that a manual approach that you're having to take to change the segment size?

Tony Stott: No, that's, that's all automated. We know when the ad breaks are coming up with the timecodes, and then we can just we just modulate before the ad break comes through, and make sure that the segments are properly distributed. So that's one example of how packaging can impact customers.

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