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How Enterprise Streaming Is Leveraging Interactivity

What are some new ways that enterprise streaming is leveraging interactivity? Chris Pfaff, CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech Media, Producers Guild of America (PGA), VR AR Association (VRARA), speaks with Erdal Kilinc, CEO & Co-Founder, Deal Room Events, about the unique ways that his organization works with enterprise customers.

“You do some very different things with enterprise customers,” Pfaff says to Kilinc. “What's been your experience in terms of the maturation process? And maybe you can give us some examples of some of the people you're working with.”

Kilinc talks about how the distinctions between media and marketing channels are becoming blurred and are evolving into something like a dynamic hybrid incorporating many different elements. “Media is a marketing channel, right?” he says. “And events are another marketing channel. Now with online events, events and media together is becoming like another channel. So we had corporates running their internal events…team building events or roadmap events, etc. And then we had big global companies that had mergers so that they wanted to build a culture using the platform so people can contact their HR manager…and then people were able to book one-on-one meetings. And we also had some corporates using our platform to do showcases and product launches.”

The ways that these channels are now being integrated with a hybrid mix of marketing, running events, and engaging partners and customers have distinctively surprised and satisfied some of the companies that Deal Room Events work with. He provides an outstanding example. “We had a Finnish company that wanted to run a one-day webinar,” he says. “And [with] that agreement, they were expecting around a couple of hundred people.” But Kilinc notes that around a week before the event the attendee numbers had soared beyond expectations. He alerted them to the fact that their invoice for the work would be much higher than originally projected. He asked if they were sure they wanted to proceed. “They were like, ‘no, no, no, don't touch it. It's great,’” he says. The company immediately saw the value in collecting so many verified leads despite the increased cost and scale of the webinar. “They were extremely happy that now the marketing teams were focused on running events, running content, and engaging their potential partners or customers,” he says.

 “Yeah, and that's exactly where I see this going,” Pfaff says. “The scale issue is not so much the issue; it more seems to be the quality of experience and the quality of service.”

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