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Has the Heyday of Specialty Streaming Content Arrived?

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Casey Charvet: I like to use the term "specialty content." I think, once upon a time, I might've called it niche content, but I think that's a little bit pejorative. Calling it "specialty content" is identifies that there is actually a pretty broad distribution of interests in content that people are looking for. And that content can now have a place and be successful. Whereas before, as producers, we could only really take the very top of the bell curve and spend the money on it because it was a large investment and capital expense and barrier to entry and all that. And now, with that barrier removed and the power of the tools that are available, if you're into backyard archery, you can set up your phone and archery target and make a YouTube video on it and probably get people to watch it. So I think we're going to see a continued explosion of content, even if the audience scales are smaller.

Eric Bolten: I would just add in to echo--because obviously Casey, Gigcasters, and Zixi walked there--that the notion of what production value required has definitely shifted. And you can do very large-scale--and, as Mark points out, authentic. And the range and what we are seeing is sort of extensions of traditional live broadcasts and events that now have behind the scenes, extra cameras, extra feeds, and just different ways to engage a much more fractured and mobile audience.

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