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EZDRM's Olga Kornienko Talks Benefits of Multi-Cloud DRM

Learn more about DRM and live streaming at Streaming Media West 2022.

Tim Siglin: Welcome back to Streaming Media east 2022 here at the Westin Copley in Boston, Massachusetts. We've had a number of different guests today, but nobody's actually talked about DRM. So we're gonna turn to one of the DRM experts in the industry. Olga, tell us a little bit about yourself and what your company does.

Olga Kornienko: I am Olga Kornienko. I am the COO and Co-Founder of EZDRM [http://ezdrm.com]. We are the hosted managed cloud DRM service. We've been in business since 2003 and we are the original DRM-as-a-service provider.

Tim Siglin: You were on a panel here just a minute ago. What was the panel?

Olga Kornienko: The panel talked about scaling live events and all the things you need to think about from a business perspective, from a technical perspective. And I guess the few primary key takeaways were, thinking about your metrics and using AI to possibly predict what the future for an event might bring, part of it being the fact that you might be expecting 500 people and you get 5 million, or the flip side of that--you're expecting a million and you get 500. How do you adjust for that with technology value and what-not?

Tim Siglin: That makes sense. And then what about the security aspects of live events? Because obviously that's a big, big issue, not just authentications, but true DRM as well.

Olga Kornienko: So it's actually interesting. For the longest time we came across a lot of people who said, "Well, it doesn't really matter if we have DRM on a live event," which is kind of shocking to me, but the logic of those people was more around the fact that, "Well, it's a one-time thing and eventually the event will be over and that'll be the end of that." But with that said, it is kind of interesting to think about the fact that with all the piracy services out there, if the event is not protected, they get stolen and can be rebroadcast by somebody else. And God forbid your events hiccups or has some sort of an issue, and now all these people are looking for an alternative source. Or if, for some reason, somebody decides that it's cheaper on a pirate site because it probably is cheaper. Once you lose eyeballs off the live event, you lost the eyeballs and getting them back is much harder. And going back to the panel, it's actually kind of interesting how scaling an event like a DRM service for a large event is also incredibly difficult from a perspective that you kind of have to know what to expect. Most people who are connecting to a live event usually connect in the beginning. So you will probably have a massive spike. So knowing what to expect, if it's gonna be a 500-person event or a 5 million-person event, is super-important. And if a streaming company can see the watch time and all the people connecting as the event progresses with DRM, it's usually spiking right in the beginning. And then slowly.

Tim Siglin: That makes sense. So, a lot of CDNs will say, "For most events we're doing, we've got the capacity. We don't have to worry about looking at a multi-DRM solution or a multi-CDN solution." But you've mentioned that with DRM you do have to think about the scaling for those events. What are the takeaways that somebody watching this could should know in terms of, if they're going to have DRM on their live event, that they need to be giving companies like yours from a planning standpoint if it's gonna be a large live event?

Olga Kornienko: Well, a big chunk of it is talking to your providers. Obviously if it's gonna be a large event, then people would probably say, "Hey, are you guys ready?" But at the end of the day, having a company like us if you have a hiccup--and nobody's perfect, everybody does--we function in a multi-cloud environment where if cloud A drops off, then cloud B can always pick up the slack, having a infrastructure that's multi-geo. And on top of that, what we do specifically to address live events is we keep our server loads at around 40% max. And if we see something that's happening in our infrastructure where the server load starts to increase, we can pre-emptively add more servers. And this, way we don't have to worry about the server load. If there is a spike with a large event happening, we can address that right away. And in a cloud environment, you have it all prebuilt and preread and turn them on. It takes five, seven minutes to address something like that.

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