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Automated Lecture Capture and Streaming with Microsoft Teams and Stream

A positive and surprising aspect of improving automated lecture capture and streaming during the pandemic has been the spur-of-the-moment creativity and innovation from customers who found ways to solve unprecedented issues with automated workflows. When Chris Knowlton, now Chief Evangelist at Panopto, was still working at Microsoft as Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Stream, he recounts how their customers got very creative with some fast problem solving during COVID.

“We had some really interesting challenges as COVID hit,” Knowlton says. “A whole set of customers that we hadn't been working with before suddenly needed a bunch of functionality that we didn't really have yet. They were able to find ways to put together automated workflows.” He cites an example of orchestrating a lecture capture in a university. Multiple cameras covered different elements, such as the classroom whiteboard and the professor. The client seamlessly switched cameras as needed, recorded everything, and then put it all into the Microsoft stream.

“Leading by example is a good way to put it,” Knowlton says. A key takeaway from this is that paying attention to the pioneering number of customers who found unique ways to make the technology work for them is inspiring and informative for professional program managers who develop automated workflows.

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