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VBrick Eyes Live, Practical Streaming With VBoss

The streaming media industry needs an attitude adjustment, according to Richard Mavrogeanes, founder of VBrick Systems, Inc.

These days, most of the attention on online video focuses on its use as an entertainment medium, but its more practical applications should not be ignored, he said. It is for this reason that the company has developed the VBoss service, which is designed to give users all the tools they need to broadcast live video over the internet.

"We’ve really made it useful by taking video out of the exclusive realm of entertainment and putting it into corporate use, educational use, and, additionally, for entertainment," Mavrogeanes said.

He said the service will allow corporate users to stream live meetings and conferences while educational users will be able to stream school events, such as sports games that may not be shown anywhere else. Mavrogeanes also said he expects VBoss users to stream events such as weddings and funerals that some family members may not be able to attend.

"What VBoss really allows is it allows everybody to become a live video publisher," he said. "Where live video used to be very complicated, difficult, and expensive, we’ve made it inexpensive, simple, and reliable."

A ‘Complete’ Service
VBoss includes a VBrick appliance, bandwidth, storage space, an online portal, and advertising and monetization options. According to Mavrogeanes, it’s a one-stop shop for those who wish to broadcast live video over the internet.

"It differentiates itself because it is complete," he said, adding that many other streaming video companies may not provide any bandwidth services and don’t provide the encoder.

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