Speed Sells: Strangeloop Front-End Optimization Improves Sales

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The not-so-surprising news is that load times matter to websites. During the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City, Joshua Bixby, president of Strangeloop, spelled out exactly why they matter, and how that led to the creation of his company.

"Your consumers, or if you are a consumer, spend more when sites are faster. Then they're happier. There's a lot of insights, there's a lot of information, there are a lot of studies. If you are not aware of these studies, I'd recommend that you spend some time learning about them. We got this insight about seven years ago when we were talking to our CTOs and they told us that they had a secret for us, which was that if they made their sites faster they could make more money, and that's why I founded a business to make sites faster," said Bixby.

During his presentation, Bixby offered a brief history of attempts to speed up site loading and then told how his company, which provides front-end optimization (FEO) works.

"Once we realize that there's potential, once we realize that sites can be made faster, we have to really talk about how we want to marry front-end optimization into the CDN," explained Bixby. "There are two schools of thought when it comes to front-end optimization." The first believes that FEO can only take place in real-time and happens in milliseconds. The second, which is what Strangeloop offers, combines real-time FEO with advanced learning. Here, an offline learning engine enhances the real-time engine.

To hear more about the marriage of CDNs and FEO, watch the full video below and download Bixby's presentation.

Marrying CDNs with Front-End Optimization for Maximum Acceleration

Many content owners are already using a content delivery network (CDN) to cache content closer to their visitors, but CDNs don't reduce the number of requests required to render each page, and they have no impact on browser efficiency. Front-end optimization (FEO) picks up where CDNs leave off, transforming the content itself so that it renders as quickly as possible in the browser. In this presentation, attendees will see real-world examples of how leading e-commerce sites have combined CDN and FEO forces to reach new levels of performance for content-rich pages. Get real numbers on how quickly content-rich sites loaded pre-acceleration, then with just a CDN, then with a combined CDN/FEO solution.

Joshua Bixby, President, Strangeloop

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