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Qwilt Looks at the Evolution of Transparent Video Caching

Insiders have been talking about transparent caching for years now as way to meet the mounting demands for online video streaming. At the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City, Alon Maor, CEO of Qwilt, led a presentation on the topic. Transparent caching, he suggested, will be crucial to evolving the network.

"We realize that the concept of transparent caching is a very valued one, but the technology and the product cannot meet the carrier's requirement definitely in the U.S, Europe, Korea, and Japan to scale effectively at the subscriber rate. I think that today that there is a realization across the board that transparent caching is going to play a key ingredient in evolving today's network and meeting the demand for online video," said Maor.

Increasing traffic can't be handled by CDNs alone, Maor said, but by a combination of CDN and transparent caching.

"I'm just getting back from a visit in Japan and Korea, and I must say that it's quite amazing that by meeting top executives at the largest carriers over there you get to sense the same dilemma that you sense in the U.S. and the U.K. and the rest of Europe, and they all get to the same realization that CDN may not be enough tool or good enough tool to solve the problem, and a combination between CDN and transparent caching is required in order to evolve the internet and meet their challenges today with online video," noted Maor.

Watch the full transparent caching discussion by Alon Maor and download his presentation.

The New Evolution of Transparent Video Caching
The presentation will cover the business case for transparent caching - moving beyond transit optimization to a means of architecting your network for video delivery and achieving end-to-end backbone cost containment. The session will cover best practices for network insertion of transparent caching solutions in order to maximize return on investment and will go through pre-deployment analysis and sizing strategies, demonstrating Qwilt's platform video analytics capabilities. The session will also provide some guidelines in sizing and comparing TPC solutions and what are the gotchas operators should look for. 
Alon Maor, CEO, Qwilt


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