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New Services Seek to Expand Online Video Advertising

Online video is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and advertisers are actively seeking ways to maximize its potential for monetization.

According to Jim Davis, Tier 1 Research’s senior analyst for networks and media, an increasing number of individuals are moving away from television and toward the internet for their video consumption needs. In addition, he said Tier 1 is forecasting a 75 to 100% increase in traffic bitrates across networks in 2008. As such, monetizing online video has become an important pursuit, though there are a number of challenges facing its successful implementation, he said.

In an effort to confront these challenges, two new services meant to help content publishers successfully enter the world of online video advertising have been launched. They are Adap.tv’s OneSource and Tremor Media’s Acudeo.

Adap.tv OneSource
OneSource is an open and universal video ad platform that allows publishers to add, configure, and optimize video advertising across nearly all ad sources and formats, according to an Adap.tv press release. According to Adap.tv CEO Amir Ashkenzai, the service is meant to help publishers overcome three of their major online video advertising challenges: how to maximize revenue, improve the user experience, and keep things simple.

"It’s a simple solution to a big problem," he said. "There are many publisher sites that have the consumption, but they don’t get the revenue, and they don’t have the control over the viewer experience that they need or the tools to control viewer experience. This program gives them that."

According to Ashkenazi, users sign up for the service, select the ad format they would like to work with, adjust settings such as when they would like the first ad to appear and how many ads will be shown during a video session, and then choose from among more than 50 ad sources in Adap.tv’s list. He also said there is an ad server integrated into the offering, so users can use OneSource to sell and serve their own ads as well.

The product is aimed at "all kinds of publishers of all sizes and all types," Ashkenazi said. Publishers can sign up for the service online at www.adap.tv.

Tremor Media Acudeo
According to Tremor Media’s Vice President of Publisher Relations Dan Scherer, the company’s Acudeo service is meant to extend the capabilities of its Ad-inStream program, which was released in 2005, and to "build in the best practices that Tremor has learned over the last few years" and make them available to publishers. To that end, Acudeo provides client-side dynamic ad insertion in two ways: an end-to-end solution including a video application that can be embedded into publishers’ websites and a media component that can be built into any standard Flash-based video player to enable it with dynamic ad insertion, Scherer said.

"The main feature there is that the platform can dynamically respond to various XMLs and can dynamically integrate various third-party advertising components to make sure that the ad calls are all received properly, that the advertising is played back appropriately, that the synchronized companion banner or other associated creatives are delivered into the video application, and, most importantly, that all tracking and all pixel tracking is executed according to plan," he said.

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