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MocoSpace Improves Mobile with CDN and Front-End Optimization

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Showing the power of combining CDN and front-end optimization, Jamie Hall, the CTO of MocoSpace, led a presentation at the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City. Hall knows a few things about improving mobile performance, since MocoSpace is a mobile gaming community with over 25 million members. Keeping everything performing optimally is the job of Hall and his team.

Hall began his presentation with a look at the key challenges of delivering to mobile rather than desktop devices.

"Number one is mobile networks are slow," said Hall. "There's a high degree of packet loss. This is due to typically operating in high noise environments. Connections between the mobile device and the cell phone towers are made ad-hoc. This is for a number of reasons, such as preserving spectrum, device battery life, and so forth. What this ultimately means is latency. Typically what we see on a 3G connection is latency in the neighborhood of 300 milliseconds per connection, which is more than six times what you typically see on a desktop broadband connection."

Besides the network conditions, the hardware itself is a hurdle to overcome.

"The resources on a mobile device are extremely constrained when compared with a desktop device or a desktop computer. CPU speeds are typically ten times slower than what you find on the desktop," noted Hall.

To hear more about mobile experience challenges, and how MocoSpace overcame them, watch the presentation below and download the presentation.

Using CDN and Front-End Optimization To Deliver a Good Mobile Experience

Differentiated by a reliable and engaging experience, the MocoSpace game platform has rapidly grown to be the largest entertainment destination on the mobile web with 25 million registered users, spending over 1 million hours per day playing games and making friends. In this presentation, learn how MocoSpace combined front-end optimization with CDN to deliver a great user experience for mobile apps and HTML5 games. Hear about some of the unique challenges of the mobile web including the differences between the desktop and mobile web, how last-mile latency is the primary opportunity, and how and why Front-End optimization is a key ingredient for innovation and continued growth on the mobile Web.

Jamie Hall, CTO, MocoSpace
Bob Buffone, Co-Founder, CTO, Yottaa

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