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Military Intelligence Makes Use of Streaming Technologies

A government project named VORTEX (Video On-line Retrieval Technology for Exploitation), is making use of streaming technologies to streamline its surveillance techniques. The Vortex project aims to maximize the benefits of streaming video that is gathered from unmanned aerial vehicles by enabling its contents to be accessed, exploited, and archived for intelligence purposes.

Autometric ( www.autometric.com), a Boeing company, acting as a systems integrator on the project, has selected the Virage Internet Video Application Platform for use in the project. DSMC, an integrator of multi-media management technology, will extend the Virage (www.virage.com) platform to fit specifically into the VORTEX plan. As live video is gathered, the enhanced solution will ensure the images are simultaneously encoded, indexed, and stored for future use, making future retrieval for specific use less time consuming.

According to Carlos Montalvo, VP of Marketing for Virage, the indexing capabilities extend to identifying unique voice patterns, individual faces, and reading text in the video.

Virage is not new to the government sector, Montalvo said, with at least 15 percent of its business associated with government agencies. "Government agencies are 18 to 36 months ahead of the corporate market in making full use of the capabilities of streaming technologies," stated Montalvo.

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