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How to Get the Most Out of Vimeo Enterprise

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Vimeo is the world’s leading professional video platform, with more than 150 million members across more than 150 countries.  Recently, Vimeo released Enterprise, which enables large organizations to manage and share live and on-demand video content with teams and customers, at scale, and all on one platform.

"Vimeo Enterprise combines the best of our platform—powerful tools, ease of use, and the highest quality viewing experience—with new enterprise-grade capabilities that give organizations full control and support to power their business with video," said Anjali Sud, Vimeo CEO.

Readers can get the full scope of features here. I have covered Vimeo extensively in the past and have always been an advocate of what the platform offers to companies publishing online videos.

Below are some useful tips for publishers looking to utilize Vimeo Enterprise.

Create Branded Experiences

The presentation style that Vimeo offers for how a brand can display their videos is unmatched when it comes to other video platforms. One of the most eye-catching examples is with Vimeo Showcase. This option gives users complete control in creating a beautiful viewing experience for customers or employees, as shown in the example above.

Showcases are quick, customizable, and available to your audience across all devices. The embeddable playlist feature allows publishers to create a collection of videos on your existing site with a simple embed code. These showcases can be made available public or private (password-protected) in the event of internal training videos. Teams can access and interact with video content securely on a branded company page.

For customer-facing content, users can create stunning visual presentations with templates. Showcases publish to a custom domain with a unique Vimeo URL or a domain that you already own. 

Vimeo takes care of the back-end hosting and allows your video to play without hiccups, delivered in superb quality. It takes a massive load off internal IT and web teams. The embedded player option also gives companies the benefit of using built-in traffic tools that are already in place on a website.  

Showcases also allow companies to get their content distributed to connected devices such as Amazon Fire and Roku. Showcase does the heavy lifting by preventing companies from typing a line of code or hiring a developer. Using a feed URL that’s generated when creating a Vimeo Showcase, users can send this information to Roku or Amazon Fire, using each associated website. A full guide can be accessed here.

Vimeo Enterprise on Roku

I tested this feature without any significant pitfalls and was quickly able to create a company channel on Roku (above). One limitation I experienced was that Roku would only show 40 videos across a single channel and will order videos based on the date added, ignoring any custom order you may have chosen on the Vimeo Showcase.

Finally, Vimeo has SEO tools to make your showcases discoverable in search results. This feature is on the left-hand side panel of your showcase. Users can optimize their showcase to get more organic traffic from search engines.

Tools for High-End Live Streaming

Vimeo Enterprise has raised the bar with a package of live streaming tools a brand can use for those experiences.  Professional graphics tools are an easy way to increase the production value in your live shows. Publishers can add lower-third titles, transitions, and logos to a live stream (below).

Vimeo Graphics

Another popular request for live programming within a company landscape is Q&A. Vimeo Live includes access to a free program called Studio 5, which can transform your computer into a production control room. It allows for all of the interactive tools mentioned above in addition to tracking performance with real-time analytics (below).

Vimeo Studio 5

For publishers who have created live broadcasts, they know how many things can go wrong. Vimeo addresses many of the backend tech challenges with its easy to use live platform. Also, with Vimeo Enterprise, publishers can get live support during an event setup during business hours (U.S. Eastern Time).

The experts at Vimeo are a wealth of information for any publishers looking to get into the live streaming experience. Check out some of the helpful tips and checklists on Vimeo's blog.

The last feature to note in Vimeo Live is the option for streaming to multiple channels. With a click of a button, the live offering allows for simultaneous streams to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.  With 30 million businesses across LinkedIn, this is a coveted feature that many companies can use for their live broadcasts when targeting a specific business audience.  

Get Help Producing a Video

Videos are a reflection of your brand, and there are times when a webcam or smartphone cannot produce the quality a company needs. Vimeo’s For Hire marketplace provides anyone looking to create a high-quality video with a simple, effective way to source the industry's best talent for their project (below).

Vimeo For Hire

Users can post a project request to connect with Vimeo’s global network of filmmakers, videographers, editors, and other professionals. Companies can find local professionals in your area within minutes and hire them for video jobs, commission-free. 

"Every business, brand, and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale. They have a continuous need to make high-quality content frequently. Right now, they rely on informal networks and word-of-mouth to find the right people to make those videos, which is time-consuming and inefficient," said Sud.

The For Hire tool is easy to use and gives the company's access to 30,000 plus Vimeo video professionals. Brands can look for help by budget, project type, location, skills, and experience. Video professionals can also browse jobs through their search and can submit to projects that match their skills and knowledge.

All of these tools empower brands to make the most of their online video presence. From internal tools to external communication, Vimeo Enterprise is an excellent solution for companies looking for a turnkey video platform.  

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