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How Online Video Makes Money for Colleges and Universities

Video has many uses on campus both inside and outside of the classroom. As the audience learned at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, several of those uses can generate revenue.

"Video is becoming more and more used in various contexts in academia," explained Jasmit Chilana, who works in web and IT services for the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). "If you look around, not just on the education side, but also on the governance side, people want to get their message out, and video is one way to attract more audiences, get the message out. There's always a complaint in academia that there's not enough communication, and we are finding that our executives, especially at BCIT, they're trying to reach out to the community with the use of video."

One area where online video's use is clear is in recruiting new students. Video helps them explore the campus and make their decision.

"Recruitment is another great way to cut down costs and also to reach out for promotional activities," Chilana said. "I watched those videos before making my decision. I wanted to see what the campus looked like. I wanted to see what the faculty was doing over there, what kind of research they were engaging in. I think that also factors in their decision to choose a university or not."

When prospective students can get a good feel for the campus, they're more likely to apply.

To hear more about monetizing video in education, watch the full presentation below and download the presentation.


How To: Monetizing Video Opportunities in Education

The exponential growth of smartphones and tablets is increasing the pressure in academia to offer more learning options online via the use of video. But only a handful of universities have implemented a comprehensive video strategy. This presentation will show how to use live streaming to attract part-time and international students as well as renowned faculty and guest speakers. While most academic executives and deans only analyze video from a dollars and cents perspective, this presentation will discuss ideas on how to incorporate it from a strategic standpoint.

Speaker: Jasmit Chilana, Web Services, IT Services, British Columbia Institute of Technology


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