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For Epix, Multi-Platform Viewing Is the Only Option Forward

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While some premium channels are adapting to the new world of multi-platform viewing and accessibility, Epix has long known the importance of getting on as many platforms as possible. Speaking at the recent Streaming Media West conference, Amit Ziv, vice president of business operations and development strategy at Epix, talked about his company's priorities.

"Our priority is to make sure that our titles and our brand is available across all platforms, and the complexities really come into play how we prioritize which platforms to build for," Ziv said. "Obviously, we need to be able to scale. When you look at the smart TV ecosystem, for example, and historically they've employed mixed platform strategies. It's a challenge when you want to build for Samsung when they employ different operating systems or whatever other connected device category."

Epix first develops for the living room devices that in the most homes.

"For us, game consoles have been a huge priority: Xbox 360, soon to be Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4. For us, ultimately, it's adding value to our subscribers and our MVPD partners," Ziv said, adding that his company prioritizes "accessibility, reach, and ease-of-use."

Besides the challenge of developing for multiple platforms, Epix has to secure rights for them with content holders.

"Linear VOD, in-home, out-of-home: Those are all big rights grants as part of the overall content package that we structure in our MVPD relationships," Ziv said.

For more on OTT workflows and premium content, watch the full discussion below.


Designing the Right OTT Workflow for Premium Content Owners

In this strategic session, we look at how TV Everywhere deployments are growing in number and size. We explore the most efficient approaches to deploying critical TV Everywhere components, including live linear, on-demand, and dynamic ad insertion. Where are the land mines and what are the solutions to the most difficult problems? We hear from broadcasters who are successfully offering TV Everywhere today, while positioning themselves well for tomorrow’s challenges in this changing landscape

Moderator: Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist - Anvato
Mike DeBrincat, Executive Director - Fox Sports
Amit Ziv, VP, Business Operations, Development and Strategy - EPIX
Raul Deju, Lead Product Marketing Manager, Video Operations - U-verse

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