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Dan Rayburn Presents Video CDN Pricing at Content Delivery Summit

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The highlight of the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City -- and every Content Delivery Summit -- is the final presentation of the day, where conference organizer and StreamingMedia.com executive vice president Dan Rayburn presents video CDN pricing and contract data. It's a huge time-saver for those in the industry.

This is the sixth or seventh time he's presented video CDN pricing data, Rayburn noted, and he gets many questions on pricing during the rest of the year. These numbers are only for video delivery, he noted.

"Probably the most interesting thing about video delivery today is that it takes up the largest percentage of traffic on a CDN's network, but it contributes the least amount of profitable revenue. So it takes up all those bits, but it's not as profitable as other services in the market," Rayburn said.

Before launching into his data, Rayburn explained how he collected it.

"I'm probably collecting data from about 2,000 customers. The pricing that I'm going to show today is from about over 800 customers that I just did a survey on in March. So, that's how I collect most of my data. While almost all the CDNs talk to me and give me an idea on what they're seeing and trends, obviously the data I care the most about comes from customers directly," noted Rayburn, explaining that all pricing data is kept anonymous. "I talk to the largest companies you can think of providing OTT content to the smallest.

View Rayburn's entire presentation below and download a PDF of his findings.

Video CDN Data: Pricing, Contract, Volume and Market Sizing Trends

This presentation will share the latest data on the size of the content delivery market for video, as well as expected growth forecasts for both revenue and traffic volumes. Attendees will also learn the current pricing points for video delivery services and hear about the market drivers and trends that will determine what customers pay in the future. There will also be an extensive Q&A session, so this is your chance to ask questions pertaining to current or future CDN pricing and market drivers.

Dan Rayburn, Executive Vice President, StreamingMedia.com

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