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Content Capsule 2.0 Debuts With Improved Speed, HTML5 Interface

Three years ago, production and distribution company NextWorks introduced Content Capsule, a way for marketers to create bundled micro-sites that could be embedded on any web page. Marketers used them to combine videos, documents, links, and presentations in an attractive online interface.

ContentCapsule2At the end of our article about the launch, we noted that a new version was coming out in two or three weeks. Apparently that became two or three years, but it's finally here. Version 2.0 has been released, and the company touts four main improvements:

  • Speed: NextWorks has moved Content Capsule's online hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which should deliver faster loading times and improved security.

  • Interface: Capsules are now built with a responsive HTML5 user interface, which promises to play back correctly to any location or on any device.

  • Analytics: Capsules now collect more of the data marketers rely on.

  • Programmatic Advertising: Content Capsules can be served through programmatic buying platforms.

The Content Capsule is engaging to viewers, the company promises, and has an average visit time of over five minutes. The browser-based dashboard makes it easy to see how visitors spend their time. Capsules can be embedded on multiple sites, and any changes to the contents automatically show up in each location.

"The Content Capsule has the ability to hold multiple videos, which has resulted in longer consumer engagement. It allows us to push consumers further down the marketing funnel," says Douglas Rockhill, executive vice president for creative and products at NextWorks. "Consumers go deeper than just a simple awareness video and can really dig into more informative videos, such as FAQs, testimonials, and how-to videos."

Capsules can be embedded in web pages, partner sites, influential blogs, publisher sites, Facebook pages, and corporate news pages, to give a few examples. For more info, visit the Content Capsule site and watch the demo video.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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