Content Capsule Aims to Take Video Marketing to the Next Level

Imagine an Adobe Acrobat PDF for the Web. In the same way that Acrobat lets you pack a variety of file types into one attractive document -- one that displays the same way to viewers on any computer -- Content Capsule offers a similar tool for video marketers.

Created by NextWorks, a production and distribution company, Content Capsule lets video marketers create attractive marketing experiences that can be hosted on any page and will play on any device. A Content Capsule can display videos, documents, links, and presentations. It can give viewers everything they need to make an informed buying decision, and even complete the transaction. Content Capsules play HTML5-compatible video, so they work on mobile devices.

ContentCapsuleCalling the Content Capsule "a movable feast of content," NextWorks CEO Tim Bahr says the product is meant to take marketing video to the next level. Video marketers can create Content Capsules for their products and services, then host them on company sites, blogs, or social network pages.

Content Capsule was launched a few weeks ago, during the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Besides offering an attractive package to viewers, it provides full analytics and customization options on the backend. Marketers can monitor interactions through a product dashboard. They can even make changes: If one video isn't performing as well as the others, for example, they can make a substitution.

While Content Capsule may eventually have a self-serve creation system, for now marketers need to work with NextWorks to have a capsule made. A capsule can be built in a day. NextWorks hosts all the content, which lets it offer real-time analytics. When the work is completed, clients get code to put on their pages. That's all they need to do to display a Content Capsule.

NextWorks is primarily going after Fortune 500 companies with the Content Capsule, and the price reflects that. Capsule creation starts at around $25,000 and goes up from there. If the client needs original videos created, the price will be much higher. That fee not only gets the client a Content Capsule, but 90 days of analytics monitoring. Customers can modify their Content Capsules whenever they wish. When the 90 days is complete, customers can pay $5,000 for another 90 days, let the capsule continue on without analytics, or take it down.

The company will release a new version of the Content Capsule in the next two or three weeks, says Bahr. It will offer more robust analytics and a 24/7 client dashboard. Improved backend tools will also let NextWorks create capsules faster.

For more on what a Content Capsule can offer and how it looks, check out this company video:

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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