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Aspera Previews Desktop App at NAB, Announces Partnerships

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Aspera, the best known company in the high-speed file transfer space, made several announcements at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, including the introduction of Aspera Drive, a desktop product that should be available to customers this summer.

Aspera currently has multiple applications that offer user-to-user easy transfers, explains François Quereuil, Aspera’s director of marketing, such as Faspex, Shares, and Sync. With Drive, Aspera is combining their features into one unified product. Drive will integrate with a computer’s file system. Whey users want to share a file using Aspera Drive, they’ll simply right-click on it and indicate the receiver. Drive will also let users sync local files with those on a networked directory. Companies can use it to open their servers to hundreds of contributing partners.

“It’s an initiative of pulling everything together, making it easy, making it transparent to the user,” Quereuil says. “Think of it as a Dropbox for the media enterprise.” While it won’t be available for months, booth visitors can get a preview.

Aspera also announced multiple partnerships today. It’s working with Avid to offer a plug-in for Avid Interplay, a media asset management tool, that lets scattered workgroups connect their copies of Interplay to better share assets.

“A lot of broadcasters have been asking for it,” Quereuil says. “It could be up to hundreds of times faster [than standard transfers]. It depends on how far your trying to send your information and what type of network you’re using.”

Aspera is also working with EVS, Telestream, and Harmonic to add Aspera transferring to their products.

Aspera sees strong growth ahead thanks to the rise of cloud-based media services, such as the recently launched Sony Media Could Services. With them, companies can get end-to-end video production and distribution services as needed, without having to invest in infrastructure. Aspera technology helps them exchanges large files quickly.

“It makes it possible for smaller companies to do bigger things,” Quereuil said. “It completely changes the economics of producing content.”

Aspera Drive

Aspera Drive

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