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A+E: TV Everywhere Has a Major Impact on Content Discoverability

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If viewers aren't exposed to traditional promotion spots for new shows, how will they find them? At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Richard Shirley, vice president of distribution business development for A+E Networks, explored the impact of TV Everywhere on discoverability.

"One of the issues that I think about a lot is how does the relationship between the MVPD and the content owner, how does that dynamic also effect what we can do in the advertising space?" Shirley asked. "One of the traditional primary roles of a linear network is while people are watching your network you can do a whole lot of interesting things in a linear basis: introduce them to new shows, point them to different time slots in your schedule, and constantly bring people back to the network."

When viewers grab content on their own schedules, that traditional promotional arrangement changes.

"When you talk about viewing on a time-shifted basis or a place-shifted basis, a lot of that viewing takes place in an on-demand fashion, right? So the way that the content is actually served up through your distribution partners' portals also plays a very important role in how people interact with that content and what kind of things they find," Shirley added.

To hear more from A+E, including how TV Everywhere effects the purchasing funnel, watch the full video below.


Monetizing TV Everywhere Across Multiple Platforms

As changes in technology and viewer behavior have altered how consumers watch TV, so too has the pay TV industry been forced to reexamine how content is monetized. This session will map out key new standards and technologies that pay-TV providers can leverage to capture ad dollars as TV is viewed everywhere and at any time, including approaches for delivering the reach advertisers need, despite audience fragmentation; using addressability to minimize wasted ad spends; increasing engagement with viewers via interactivity and second-screen tie-ins; and increasing efficacy via better measurement.

Moderator: Dean McCormick, VP, Advertising Solutions, BlackArrow
Speaker: Ashley Still, Director, Product Management, Adobe Video Solutions
Speaker: Duncan Potter, CMO, SeaWell Networks
Speaker: Richard Shirley, VP, Distribution Business Development, A+E Networks
Speaker: Pat Dunbar, New Media and Advanced Advertising Executive, DiMAStrategy Group

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