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  • 9,11 allée de l'Arche
  • Tour Egée, 15th-16th Floors
  • La Défense Paris 92400
  • France
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Viaccess-Orca (VO) is a leading provider of data-driven solutions that empower TV operators and service providers to deliver, secure, and monetize viewing experiences on every screen. From enabling AI-powered personalized TV and targeted advertising to offering robust security and anti-piracy services, VO is continually evolving to meet the changing viewer preferences.

Deployed by over 100 customers worldwide to power advanced video services for millions of subscribers, VO’s cloud-native solutions allow easy integration with any ecosystem and quick time to market. A subsidiary of the Orange Group, VO has decades of award-winning expertise in securing video content and digital assets.

Product Description


VO’s solutions empower content providers to deliver, secure, and monetize engaging TV services on all screens by allowing interoperability with third-party technologies. Key product highlights include:

Data-driven, cloud-based TV platform for highest broadcast quality and reliable security.

AI-based Targeted TV Advertising revolutionizing the monetization of first-party usage data. With VO’s solution, service providers can accurately segment audiences and activate the segments to maximize revenues. The platform also supports content ingest, discovery, distribution, and monetization for FAST channels.

Powerful Anti-Piracy Services: Fully customizable set of security services, including AI-based dynamic watermarking, monitoring, breach detection, password sharing, and illegal redistribution detection.

Award-Winning Secure Player: A unique multiplatform media player that supports AI-based Targeted TV Advertising; reduces latency to three seconds; and monitors QoE, QoS, and user behavior.