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March 17, 2021

Featured Articles

Buyers' Guide to VOD Encoders

What's the best solution for your video on-demand encoding needs? That depends, but this guide will help you figure out which questions to ask.

Short Cuts

The Case for Shot-Based Encoding

Streaming Learning Center's Jan Ozer explains how Netflix's shot-based works and explains its benefits in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media Connect 2021.

Camera Upgrades for Remote Streaming Production

As Zoom and other videoconferencing applications dominate our professional interactions, and remote productions and presentations remain a necessary alternative in-person conferences and other events, webcam video is often the weakest link in our remote connections. Anthony Burokas recommends alternative camera sources--smartphones, DSLRs, and better webcams--and explains how to make them work.

Industry News

Telestream Acquires Masstech

Telestream’s 10th acquisition creates market-leading presence in global Media & Entertainment market’s content storage & management segment

Limelight’s State of Online Gaming Report Shows Online Gaming Spikes as Consumers Seek Social Connection and Entertainment

Gamers spend nearly eight and a half hours each week playing, and more than half use online video games to make friends