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March 18, 2019

Online Video News

Facebook Brings the Watch Party Shared Experience to Live TV

Starting with live sports events, Facebook is making at-home viewing into a social experience. Isn't this what Twitter already does?

DaCast Buys Vzaar to Create More Powerful Streaming Platform

Live streamer DaCast has its eye on Vzaar's live streaming features, its high profile customers, and its ability to do business in China.

DAZN Forms DAZN Media Division for Ad Buys and Sponsorships

Creating an entry point for ad buyers, London-based sports streamer DAZN has created an ad division called DAZN Media.

Featured Articles

Project OAR Fights Fragmentation in Connected TV Advertising

NBCU, CBS, ABC, Turner, Hearst, FreeWheel, Xandr, Vizio, and others are working on an addressable CTV ad standard that will create a global marketplace of engaged viewers.

Tomorrow's Channel-as-a-Service Solutions Will Work in Minutes

If they're going to seize the moment and monetize all their available assets, content owners need to be able to create video channels in minutes, and those channels need to be highly robust.

JW Player Engineer Offers an Update on LHLS Development

Relying on chunks instead of larger video segments, LHLS brings latency down to two to seven seconds. Now the open source project is looking for publisher support.

Short Cuts

Video: How to Normalize Metrics from Multiple Platforms

Tribune Media's Rob Dillon and's Abe Gottesman discuss the challenges of interpreting and using data from multiple sources effectively in this clip from their panel at OTT Leadership Summit at Streaming Media West 2018.

Video: How to Use Data to Create Dynamic User Experiences

Ownzones CTO Aaron Sloman discusses how Ownzones provides value to its enterprise video clients through big data analytics in this clip from his panel at OTT Leadership Summit at Streaming Media West 2018.


Slow Video Uploads Put a Damper on Mardi Gras and Other Events

You've just shot an unbelievable video and you can't wait to share it with your friends. Unfortunately, if you're in a large crowd you'll wait and wait and wait.

What Defines OTT? Even the Experts Can't Agree on a Meaning

The theme of this year's Streaming Forum was "OTT: Better Than Broadcast?" But before they could debate that topic attendees needed to decide what OTT means.

Industry News

Flixed Announces Cord-Cutter Express - A New Tool to Simplify Cord-Cutting

GoTranscript Introduces Updated Transcription Process Ahead of Anticipated 2022 Video SEO Boom

It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of web content will be video traffic - GoTranscript has improved the UX of its translation service to help businesses expand into new, foreign-language markets

CuriosityStream Supercharges Viewing For Our Younger Streamers With 300+ Episodes Of New Shows

Partnership with Litton Entertainment Brings Iconic Names in Children's Programming Including Jeff Corwin, Jack Hanna, and Mo Rocca

TDG: Disney+ Likely to be Well Received

Half of US adults will consider Disney's pending subscription video service, a fourth moderately-to-highly likely to sign up