Video: How to Use Data to Create Dynamic User Experiences

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Aaron Sloman: At Ownzones one of our challenges is that most of our customers are big enterprise companies, and they already have invested in analytics platforms. So quite often they come to us saying, "This is what we use across our enterprise. This is how we track viewership and trends, and things like that, and we need pure OTT platform supported as well."

So we have a lot of different platforms that we work with based on our customers. Hence, why we're working with Datazoom too. Because we want to make it more plug and play.

Our architecture is basically as follows: We had big data our repositories up in AWS, we have Tableau on top of that. Then we have connectors into it from many different systems. We connect all the different app stores, and each one of them has a very different way of thinking about a cancellation or a subscription, or a billing event, or how long after someone cancels when they should be removed.

We plug into products like Conviva. We have player agents that send us metrics off the players. We have a lot of different feeds coming into our warehouses.

Then what we do is we normalize that up into these dashboards for our customers. As we've evolved in the last six months, we've turned that into dynamic experiences for our customers. So it's no longer acceptable to say "What's new?" It's “What's new for you. What's new for you because you've pressed the fast forward button on the last two shows you've watched or you changed the category or something?”
So a lot of what we're doing is actually using the data now to build personalization.

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