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June 12, 2013

Online Video News

Zenverge Offers Transcoder Plugin for Comcast RDK

The plugin can transcode up to four HD streams at a time and is supported by the company's ZN200 content networking system-on-chip.

LG Introduces IP Set-Top Boxes at Cable Show

Smart TVs or dumb TVs with smart connected devices? LG tries to have it both ways at the Cable Show in Washington, D.C.

Digitalsmiths Announces Unified Data Service for Metadata

Ban the data silos and group various types of metadata together. Digitalsmiths offers a future-forward solution.

Ericsson Report Shows Video Traffic Surging Due to Smartphones

Mobile video traffic is growing by 60 percent each year, and that will continue through 2018.

Featured Articles

Rovi Introduces MainConcept HEVC SDK

Claims to achieve transcoding conversion time savings via software using a single decoded stream and offering up to 10 simultaneous re-encodes for any given stream

Tips for Choosing an Online Video Platform (OVP)

Companies looking for an OVP often chase the wrong features. It's not what the OVP can do, but what platforms it integrates with easily.

How Zappos Succeeds with Online Product Videos

Demo videos give Zappos customers a real feel for products. Learn how Zappos streamlined its video-creation system.

Industry News

Simple.TV and Rovi Entertainment Store Collaborate to Add Live & Recorded Broadcast Television Capabilities

Integrated Platform to Enable Discovery and Access to Live TV, Recorded TV, Paid VOD and Streaming VOD for Rovi Entertainment Store Customers

Hosting Provider LeaseWeb USA Launches Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

LeaseWeb USA has announced the addition of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to its portfolio of services. Now organizations – specifically those that deliver movies, television shows and other streaming entertainment online – can use LeaseWeb to reliably

Rovi and Broadcom to Enable HEVC Playback Across Multiple Screens

Companies Work Together to Enable the Secure Delivery and Multi-Screen Playback of High Quality Entertainment Based on the Latest Compression Technology