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Zenverge Offers Transcoder Plugin for Comcast RDK

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Comcast has released a reference design kit (RDK) software stack meant to create a common framework for the next generation of set-top boxes, and Zenverge is today releasing an RDK transcoder plugin for it. Supported by Zenverge's ZN200 quad-stream content networking system-on-chip (SoC), it can transcode up to four high-definition video streams at once. Zenverge says it accomplishes this using less DDR memory than any of its competition. The ZN200 is designed into Arris's MG2402 video gateway, which uses Comcast XG4 and RDK specs.

The goal of the ZN200 is creating a multi-channel transcoder architecture for the Comcast RDK that lets broadcasters efficiently stream their content to IP devices, including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, and game consoles.

“We are excited to support the unique, flexible nature of the RDK as it simplifies the effort needed to add transcoding to next generation gateways and set-top boxes," Tony Masterson, Zenverge's CTO, says. "We look forward to bringing new innovations in multiscreen streaming in support of the RDK community.”

Other features of the ZN200 include streaming live HD video to four mobile devices at once over Wi-Fi, and downloading DVR content to mobile devices four times faster than real-time.

While Zenverge might be a new name to some StreamingMedia.com readers, the company was founded in 2006 and is based in Santa Clara, California.

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