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April 24, 2023

Online Video News

Veritone's GPT Video Producer 

Veritone's new product, Automate Studio--an IABM award winner at NAB 2023--is a generative AI tool which can work with a customer's content library and asset archive to identify and then create a video rough cut from a description

Short Cuts

How to Ease OTT Consumers Into Behind-the-Paywall Content

Is local news the ultimate gateway drug for streaming TV services like NBCUniversal's Peacock, as they try to attract customers to their premium paid content offerings? Chicken Soup for the Soul's Philippe Guelton discusses this topic with ESHAP CEO Evan Shapiro in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2023.


Brands, Think FAST and Take Viewers Down the Rabbit Hole

Greg Smith of Aniview breaks down the history and future of FAST and outlines the top three business perks of running a FAST channel.

Industry News

Take back control over quality and costs with MaelStrom Live, the ultimate live cloud transcoder

Jet-Stream, the inventor of live streaming, releases MaelStrom Live, an ultra-high quality live transcoder for broadcast-grade, adaptive bit rate streaming.