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October/November 2007

Magazine Features

Stream This: What the CDNs are Charging for Delivery

A look at what CDNs are really charging for video delivery.

Video to Go

These five innovators—Ortiva, Skyward, Transpera, Vizrt, and Harris—are vying for attention in an increasingly crowded mobile space.

The 2007 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards Winners

The inaugural Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards garnered nearly 120 nominations and votes from more than 3,000 readers. And the winners are . . .
Fri., Oct. 19, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eyes on the Enterprise: Sunny Skies Ahead

Business multimedia is finally coming into its own, but we still need to be skeptical of overhyped growth.

The Digital Domain: User-Generated Content Live (sort of)

It was a circus, but somehow we managed to get some phone cam footage into a live webcast of Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution show from Detroit.

Eyes on the Enterprise: YouTube for the Enterprise

Now is the time for organizations to look at ways to make user-generated content part of their official communications strategy.

Streaming 'Round the Globe

Emerging international markets hold promise, but the online video world isn’t quite flat yet. Despite all the challenges that might be in the way, experts believe that the international opportunity is too large to pass up.
Mon., Nov. 5, by Tejpaul Bhatia

Newspapers in Multimedia Metamorphosis (Part 2)

The newspaper as we once knew it is no more. A whole new world of journalism beckons.

Emerging Media: Format Wars Forever

We've seen it before—VHS vs. Betamax—and we're still seeing it elsewhere—Blu-ray vs. HD DVD. But competing business models mean that, for online video at least, the battle of the formats rages yet again.

Review: Adobe Production Premium CS3

Integration among all products in the CS3 suite is exceptionally strong, and Adobe Media Encoder—an example of a program that spans several CS3 applications—is a solid product putting Adobe firmly in the running against other more established video software suites.
Thurs., Aug. 16, by Tim Siglin

Commentary: H.264 Video—The Format of Convergence

H.264 is already supported in virtually every corner of the digital video universe. Now, with big internet players like Adobe, Google, and Apple behind it, H.264 is poised to become the format of convergence where all devices have access to an expanding universe of content available via physical media or high-speed networks.
Tues., Sept. 4, by Charlie Oppenheimer

Streams of Thought: Gettin' High (Def) in Amsterdam

IBC 2006 was heavy on high-definition hype.

Class Act: The Future of Educational Video?

It's time digital media becomes an adjunct to writing for college students and instructors, and schools, colleges, and universities should provide basic audio and video production skills.
Fri., Nov. 16, by Paul Riismandel

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Is There Anybody Alive Out There?

Like so many other albums, Bruce Springsteen's Magic "leaked" almost a month before its release date, to the chagrin of the record label and the delight of fans. But as people download more content in solitude, either legally or illegally, are we losing out on something more important?
Tues., Oct. 2, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

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