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February 2007 (Sourcebook)

Magazine Features

Publisher's Note: The Phoenix

The rise and fall and rise of streaming media

Streamticker 2006: The Deals That Reshaped the Online Video Space

Google, Adobe, Vitalstream, and more bring mergers and acquisitions of tech companies back to center stage in the mainstream media

The Perfect Storm: 2006 Media & Entertainment Year in Review

2006 was a turning point for streaming media, but which direction is it headed in now?

Getting Ready for Primetime: 2006 Mobile Video Year in Review

Mobile video works out the kinks during its 'pilot season'

Coming of Age: 2006 Enterprise Year in Review

Personal web video publishing has sparked a sea change in the way companies view online multimedia. Now organizations want to use video for a broad communications platform, not just for presenting corporate events.

2007 Editors' Picks

Digital Media Patents for Profit

A look at patent trolling as a business strategy

Ten Questions: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Streaming Media

Elliot Zimmerman discusses IP issues facing content creators, owners, and publishers.

Futurewatch 2007: The Blurring Line Between Entertainment and Enterprise Streaming

A look at the future evolution of organizational communications

2007 Online Video Delivery and Storage Pricing Guide

A look at real pricing numbers from both large, globally focused content delivery networks and smaller regional service providers

How to Write an RFP

An exploration of the role and elements of an RFP

Five Questions: Shopping for Video Hosting

How to discuss and ensure quality with service providers and CDNs

Ten Questions: Signing a Service Level Agreement

When entering into a contract with a content delivery network or hosting provider, the terms of the service level agreement are just as important as the price.

Ten Questions: When Is Your Content Ready to Be Monetized?

For this article, we asked content experts at all points in the value chain to provide a list of ten questions content owners or creators should ask to see if they're ready to start making money.

Streaming Media Metafiles

A look at creating functional metafiles for Real, QuickTime, and Windows Media files.

Best Practices for Windows Media Encoding

This article strives to codify the most important best practices to get the optimum Windows Media encode, whatever the source and delivery environment.

Case Study: Turning Training Into Profit

At Parts Now!, online multimedia is turning training into a new forum for boosting revenue. The 17-year-old distributor of computer printer parts has developed a strategy for using rich media to extend the reach of complex training sessions that are sold to companies and individuals seeking corporate accreditation in the repair of broken computer printers.

Case Study: Video Empowers Local Government

Granicus has turned its full attention to the government streaming marketplace, with a primary emphasis on the city and county levels—a niche that has served both them and local governments well. In the process, they've helped those governments serve their constituents better, bringing public meetings to a broader audience.

Case Study: The Greatest Spectacle in Racing Goes Live Online

Webcasting the Indianapolis 500

Case Study: Marketing to Marketers With On-Demand Video

One organization that thinks it has found a better way to market itself is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. And its better way is through on-demand mini-webcasts produced and hosted by ON24.

Case Study: Integrating Webcasting Into Marketing

At Cramer, an integrated marketing solutions provider in Norwood, Mass., executives at client organizations are discovering ways to implement web audio and video that make multimedia-enriched online events and presentations an important element of marketing campaigns for companies competing in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to consumer-branded goods.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: You Who?

Time and the technology behind user-generated content

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