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Rebecca Kirk


Ms Kirk has conducted economic analysis and managed case teams in support of academic experts in a broad range of cases, including major antitrust litigation, intellectual property, and tax litigation. Over the last eleven years, she has provided support for academic experts in cases involving bankruptcy, contract disputes, the valuation of privately held companies, the valuation of intellectual property, and the valuation of various products and services. In recent years, Ms. Kirk has managed multiple litigations on behalf of MasterCard International and she has analyzed market structure, business strategy, and financial performance of both the software and general purpose card industries in class action, government, and antitrust litigations. In several large litigations involving alleged anticompetitive practices by Microsoft, she managed projects to measure damages and participated in the presentation of trial testimony. She has testified at an arbitration regarding damages stemming from a contract dispute. Ms. Kirk graduated with honors in economics from Middlebury College and received her MBA from MIT Sloan.

Articles for Rebecca Kirk

Digital Media Patents for Profit

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Thurs., June 7, by Dan Rayburn, Rebecca Kirk, and Almudena Arcelus

Digital Media Patents for Profit

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