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Tejpaul Bhatia


Tejpaul Bhatia is CEO of MediaMerx, a New York City based company that streams premium video to more than 130 million broadband subscribers in emerging markets through websites like a New York City based company that streams premium video to more than 130 million broadband subscribers in emerging markets through websites like Tejpaul was previously senior manager of international business strategy for ESPN, where he planned and launched new media businesses in Latin America, Asia and Europe. He joined ESPN in 2002 to build the underlying infrastructure for acquiring and distributing video across digital platforms and was responsible for ESPN360, the company’s customizable global broadband service. Prior to ESPN, Tejpaul co-founded Media Strategy Partners, a media asset management consulting company that continues to serve US broadcasters. Before Media Strategy Partners, he was a consultant at Scient and then at Sekani, where he served as an application developer and a digital media architect for sports leagues and the Olympics. Tejpaul holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Columbia University. He serves as the Board Chair for the New Leadership Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and also volunteers internationally with GlobeAware.

Articles for Tejpaul Bhatia

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The New Art of Storytelling

It's not about multiplatform content. It's about multiplatform stories.

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