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Nico McLane

Broadcast & Streaming Media Expert

McLane is an extremely accomplished broadcast & streaming media architect with extensive experience in planning and launching high-impact delivery models to and across various challenging environments; She specializes in streaming & broadcast media for the Enterprise. McLane has presented at conferences including Streaming Media East and the Government Video & Technology Expo, and has been published in various trade publications. McLane is co-inventor of StreamAware, a patent pending streaming media diagnostic application. In 2000 McLane was engaged as a consultant at JPMorganChase and was shortly thereafter brought in-house to JPMC to serve as Vice President and Marketing Services Manager for The Broadcast & Streaming Media Development Group. Her career has spanned over 14 years in new media & enterprise focused technology, during which time she consulted for companies including Vulcan, SONY, Bloomberg, NBC, Nickelodeon, RAW Interactive, Centerseat LLC and Maven Networks ( Recently, McLane was nominated for a 2009 Emmy Award in the category of Advanced Media for Engineering; In 2008 she was an inaugural Streaming Media All Star, an Award sponsored by, an honor presented to the 25 industry professionals who had the most impact on streaming media over the last decade.

Articles for Nico McLane

A Banner Year: 2009 Enterprise Video Year in Review

Enterprise Video Year in Review

Now on Streaming Media TV: C-Level Grill With Wowza CEO David Stubenvoll

Throughout this interview we explore the mysteries behind the media that streams, David's personal philosophy on the growth and experimentation that is driving the industry, and the enigma wrapped in a riddle we call the “Wowza Media System."
Thurs., Nov. 5, by Nico McLane

Streaming Media TV: Nielsen Confirms Radio (Or Is It Audio Streaming?) Is Alive

Nielsen is measuring radio listening in 51 markets, but what exactly are they calling "radio"?
Fri., Oct. 9, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Streaming Media TV: Join Us On Our YouTube Channel!

Submit your product reviews and hands-on tutorials to our new Streaming Media TV YouTube channel.
Thurs., Oct. 8, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Streaming Media TV: Field Tech 911 and the Case of the 400-foot Cable

How to prevent packet loss when your internet connection is across the room—or across the city—from your encoder.
Wed., Oct. 7, by Nico Mclane

Streaming Media TV: The FCC, Net Neutrality, Sprint Nextel and TiVo?

In the latest installment of Bandwidth Bastards, our intrepid and irreverent commentators assess the Net Neutrality debate and its implications for mobile video, then speculate on the goodness of a Sprint Nextel/TiVo partnership.
Tues., Oct. 6, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Streaming Media TV: Top 10 Tips For Negotiating a Master Service Agreement

In the newest installment of C-Level Grill, Nico McLane talks with Melity's Matthew Elefant about the ins and outs of the master service agreement.
Mon., Oct. 5, by Nico McLane

Now on Streaming Media TV: @C-Level Grill With Twistage's David Wadler

Nico McLane interviews Twistage CEO David Wadler on venture capital and the future—and definition—of online video platforms.
Tues., Sept. 1, by Nico McLane

Field Tech 911: Troubleshooting Using the D-E-T-E-C-T Method

A new feature on Streaming Media TV, Field Tech 911 will answer troubleshooting questions from viewers and address common problems faced by encoder technicians and webcast producers.
Thurs., Aug. 27, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Now on Streaming Media TV: Qik's iPhone App, CBS' Paper-Thin Video, and Online Education

In this week's edition of Bandwidth Bastards, our hosts wonder where the live functionality is in the new iPhone app from Qik, offer a sneak preview of the video ad coming in the next Entertainment Weekly, and discuss a study showing that students who learn online learn more.
Mon., Aug 24, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Streaming Media Podcast #33: Special Bandwidth Bastards Edition

Commentary this week on Rupert Murdoch, Google/On2, DirecTV, and YouTube's 3D experiment. Plus, win movie tickets!

Bandwidth Bastards: Breaking News!! Will QWEST Go CDN? Is Charlie Baker A Klingon? And, Is Everything Really Bigger In Texas?

Why you can't "make" a video go viral—our "hosts" share their speculations and observations and make some rather insidious implications, while hitting on this week's BREAKING NEWS!
Thurs. July 30, by Nico McLane & A.M. Arno

Bandwidth Bastards: The Red Scare Edition

Bandwidth controversy on Capital Hill, the FCC and the "Broadband Internet Fairness Act", Adobe & Microsoft share their toys in the "sandbox."
Thurs., July 23, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Bandwidth Bastards: Amazon/Netflix, VLCPlayer, and (ick) Jon & Kate Plus 8

In this week's installment, our intrepid and irreverent commentators take on the Amazon/Netflix rumors, piracy, and the latest hijinks of Jon & Kate (though not the 8)
Thurs., July 16, By Nico McLane and A.M. Arno

Introducing A New Feature: Bandwidth Bastards

Bandwidth Bastards is a weekly dialogue published on that takes an irreverent look at web video content—what media is making the most use of the worlds bandwidth pool, who is watching, where they're watching from, and how it got there. This week: The Michael Jackson Memorial.
Thurs., July 9, by Nico McLane

In Search of Video SEO That Works

What video search engine strategy works best? The secret's in the sauce, but nobody's sharing their recipes.
Mon., June 29, by Nico McLane

Making History One Webcast at a Time

The New York Philharmonic live from North Korea

First Look: Accordent Multicast In-Stream Technology

New release from Accordent enables organizations to leverage multicast-enabled networks to deliver streaming video with synchronized slides and graphics as a single, compressed stream.

How to Execute a Successful Webcast

A primer on selecting the right equipment, making the right production decisions, and establishing a solid webcasting plan.
Fri., April 18, by Nico McLane

Futurewatch: Enterprise

In 2008, expect to see enterprise leaders work smarter with what they have in place and deploy solutions that can be scaled up rather than down; partner with suppliers that offer the tools to enhance user experience, capture accurate statistical data, and make their own products work better; and integrate long-term strategies and work to view their IT landscapes from all angles.

Ten Questions: Signing a Service Level Agreement

When entering into a contract with a content delivery network or hosting provider, the terms of the service level agreement are just as important as the price.