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Max Bloom


Max Bloom is a streaming media marketing consultant. He can be reached at

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Encoding & Transcoding 2018: Part 3

We wrap up our survey of the encding and transcoding landscape with looks at Verizon Digital Media Services, Media Excel, Comprimato, Elecard, Capella Systems, Epic Labs, EuclidIQ, and NGCodec

Encoding & Transcoding 2018: Part 2

We continue our survey of the encoding & transcoding market with looks at, Bitmovin, Brightcove, Beamr, Cisco/Synamedia, and Ericsson/MediaKind

Encoding & Transcoding 2018: Part 1

Encoding and transcoding are at the heart of every OTT and online video workflow. The first article in this three-part series gives an overview of the technologies and a look at three major players in the space: Harmonic, AWS Elemental, and Telestream.

The Wi-Fi War

A battle is brewing between WiMAX and LTE for wireless broadband supremacy.

The IPTV/VOD Landscape

With several established brands and startups entering the IPTV/VOD realm with innovative new business models, 2009 could be the year digital television begins to dominate the market.
Fri., May 1, by Max Bloom

Into the Mainstream: Advertising Year in Review

As metrics improve, so do online advertising's prospects.

Live Streaming On-the-Go

Live mobile streaming is still in its embryonic stages, but these players are trying to bring it to life.

HD Streaming for the Masses

The release of a new crop of inexpensive pocket HD camcorders at this year’s CES, combined with YouTube’s recent launch of 720p HD video, is about to open the floodgates of ubiquitous HD streaming.
Fri., Jan. 23, by Max Bloom

Unconventional Video

Video from the Democratic National Convention—both official and unofficial—made clear that it's no longer politics as usual.

Streaming the 2008 Beijing Olympics

With the help of Microsoft Silverlight, NBCU is going for the gold with this summer's Olympic games, promising to offer 3,600 hours of programming from Beijing, most of it available online as well as through NBCU's affiliated broadcast networks.
Fri., June 13, by Max Bloom

How to Measure Online Video Ad Success

Online video ads allow for more precise targeting and more accurate viewer metrics than their television counterparts. Still, measuring online video ad success is more art than science.
Mon., March 3, by Max Bloom

How to Measure Online Video Ad Success

How to Deliver Online Content That Delivers Viewers

RocketBoom and Quarterlife are changing the rules.

Case Study: SyncCast Rises to the High-Def Challenge

Last year, when Microsoft prepared to launch Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace to deliver high-quality SD and HD content to Xbox 360 owners, the company turned to a trusted partner, SyncCast, to build a secure, centralized video hosting delivery platform.

Case Study:
Mercedes-Benz Shifts into Streaming Gear

One European luxury car manufacturer drives home the point that streaming media isn’t necessarily about a marketing blitzkrieg, but rather a valuable tool in communicating with dealerships and service Max Bloom

Mercedes-Benz Shifts into Streaming Gear (Part II)

One European luxury car manufacturer drives home the point that streaming media isn’t necessarily about a marketing blitzkrieg, but rather a valuable tool in communicating with dealerships and service technicians. Contributor Max Bloom takes a look at Mercedes Benz in this two-part series.

Mercedes-Benz Shifts into Streaming Gear (Part I)

One European luxury car manufacturer drives home the point that streaming media isn’t necessarily about a marketing blitzkrieg, but rather a valuable tool in communicating with dealerships and service technicians. Contributor Max Bloom takes a look at Mercedes Benz in this two-part series.

Broadband Marketing at Oracle

Oracle, the second biggest software company in the world, has over 150 live webcasts annually and hundreds of on-demand streams, in practically every area of its business. Contributor Max Bloom looks at how its streaming initiatives saved the company almost $10 million a year.

Rockwell Streams Well

After the merger that created industrial automation company Rockwell Automation, it decided to start its own video production department to handle streaming internally. Contributor Max Bloom writes about how Rockwell is making streaming work in a multicast environment.

Structural Group: Brick and Mortar Streaming

Contributor Max Bloom brings us the story of a blue-collar construction company which nails enterprise streaming and achieves concrete results in demonstrating ROI.

Hollywood’s Digital Future

At a time when feature film production budgets sometimes rival third-world GNPs, digital media is emerging as a cost-cutter. Contributor Max Bloom takes us inside Hollywood where streaming media is being utilized to save time, improve visual effects and get the creative juices flowing.

Tulsa Puts Out Fires With Streaming

When the Tulsa Fire Department realized it was sending its employees to training rather than fighting fires, it turned to streaming. Contributor Max Bloom tells us that for them, streaming isn't just good business, it's also a matter of life and death.

An Authoring Environment Of Their Own

Last year, the Media Solutions Group billed its internal HP customers for more than $10 million in services. But it may find clients in the outside world a tougher sell than its in-house cousins.

Adding Up ROI

Enterprise Case Study: HP’s Streaming Group Grows Up

Born as the in-house media production organization for mighty Hewlett-Packard, the media solutions group will soon be taking its act on the road. Contributor Max Bloom tells us why the corporate production studio at HP has been so busy.

Coping with Bandwidth Limitations

Inside Microsoft studios

Educating the Market

Most of the streaming content currently produced at Microsoft falls under the broad categories of e-learning and marketing. As a producer of sophisticated software products, Microsoft is faced not only with teaching its customer base how to use its products, but also to appreciate those products in the first place.

Microsoft’s Streaming Service Bureau

Before the advent of streaming video, major company-wide events were broadcast via satellite, or recorded for later distribution throughout the company via videotape or CD-ROM. The unit responsible for those earlier productions – now known as Microsoft Studios – today produces the bulk of streaming media at Microsoft.

Enterprise Case Study: Microsoft’s Mandate

Virtually every product group within Microsoft employs streaming media for internal communications, e-learning, or marketing. Contributor Max Bloom shows us that for Microsoft, ROI is the impetus, but its efforts illuminate new potential for corporate streaming.

For Microsoft, ROI is King

Like other enterprises, Microsoft must justify large streaming media expenditures with comparable returns on investment. Yet, some ROIs are more easily measured than others.

Jet Streaming

The Boeing Company, a pioneer in its early use of streaming media for corporate communications, is poised to integrate streaming media even deeper. Contributor Max Bloom takes us inside one of the world’s largest enterprise networks.

Opportunities in the Enterprise

By bringing tangible return on investment and increased efficiency, streaming technology is proliferating in the intranets and extranets of corporations on a major scale. Contributor Max Bloom explores what opportunities the enterprise offers for streaming product and service providers.

Case Study -- Webcasting at the House of Blues

The House of Blues is arguably the godfather of live webcasting and continues to pioneer the craft through cutting-edge technology and ambitious business techniques. Contributor Max Bloom stepped inside their domain to discover just how they do what they do.

Breakthrough Applications for IP-Based Teleconferencing

Many teleconferencing companies are introducing new products and services built around IP networks, enabling lower-cost, higher-quality conferencing with the added benefit of video features and interactivity. Contributor Max Bloom reports on recent developments in this growing field.

Legal Forum Tackles Content Copyright and Licensing Issues

Last week, Subscreen, a subsection of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law section, presented a workshop designed to examine legal issues surrounding streaming content. Contributor Max Bloom reports.

A Look Back: Web Video Expo

With all the new video hardware and software products on the market, it's hard to keep track of it all. At the tech-heavy Web Video Expo held earlier this month in Southern California, vendors brought their toys to the crowds. But as correspondent Max Bloom reports, it's talent, not tools, that drives success.

Digital Hollywood: Nagging Content Questions

While the concept of “monetization” was an afterthought at last year’s Digital Hollywood conference, this year it was the sine qua non. Max Bloom attended the show and found a sense of practical realism about the future of online content where fantasy once prevailed.

Streaming and the Olympics

With an IOC-imposed ban on streaming coverage of the Olympics, technology upstarts Axient and eSynch make high-profile debuts in exclusive arrangements with the only streaming provider, But will the ban encourage rogue Internet piracy?

Webcasting Profile: Media Bureau Networks

Webcasters are breaking new journalistic ground by providing a different view of news events than their traditional media counterparts. But webcasting outfits often face formidable challenges, both logistical and creative. In covering the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Media Bureau Networks faced many hurdles, but still managed to meet its goals.

Case Study: Streaming the Democratic National Convention

We asked, "How'd they do that?" Max Bloom uncovers the story.

Streaming and Politics: Breaking New Ground

Major webcast coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions is just a taste of streaming media's potential impact on politics.

Searchable Video: Accurate Searches, Precise Targeting

New techniques are transforming video search engines from mere conveniences into powerful e-commerce tools.

Streaming Journalism Grapples with the Bottom Line

Streaming media technology could be journalism’s holy grail – but only if news organizations manage to make the streaming format cover the high cost of news gathering. The implications – ethical and organizational -- of streaming for journalism are potentially broad, and where the technology leads us depends largely on economic realities.