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Cleeng to Debut Tattoo Video Watermarking Technology at IBC

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Piracy is rampant in online video, but Cleeng, a premium video monetization company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, says it has the answer. At next month's IBC, Cleeng will show off Tattoo, which it calls a revolutionary watermarking technology.

Cleeng Tattoo creates a new version of a downloaded or streamed movie for every buyer. That custom version includes a barely visible watermark (or tattoo) with the buyer's information displayed in the video. If the viewer makes a copy or even uses screen grabbing or screen ripping software to duplicate the playing movie, the watermark goes with it. Cleeng says there's no way to remove the watermark without severely degrading the quality of the video.

According to Cleeng CEO Gilles Domartini, getting the custom watermark to work with a static PDF was easy, but getting it to work with video in a way that didn't tax processing power or inhibit scalability or compatibility took a lot of development. The system offers no loss of video definition, works in any web browser, and doesn't create a delay in streaming, the company promises.

"Wouldn't it be cool to have a security solution that tattoos videos with the buyer's info, like you have now in ePassports with biometric info? Something more secure than the most secured DRM solution to protect from screen grabbing and digital file rips, yet playable in any browser, any device? Well, that's what Cleeng Tattoo delivers," Domartini says. "Hopefully it will unleash the $20 billion opportunity represented by SVOD and TVOD markets by 2018, as predicted by PWC State of Media."

At IBC, Cleeng will offer a technical announcement that goes into detail on how Tattoo works.

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