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Survey: The State of HEVC Adoption

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I've you attended NAB or IBC in the last couple years, you know that encoding and transcoding vendors are bullish on HEVC/H.265, and if you pay attention to some industry pundits, you know that it promises efficiency and/or quality gains over H.264. And you've probably read that some big content publishers, like Netflix, are making the move to HEVC even if they're not yet seeing those efficiency gains yet.

But as with any new technology, it's impossible to get a true sense of what's actually happening based solely on marketing hype and anecdotes. So Streaming Media is launching a survey to help us—and you—better understand the rate of HEVC adoption and the driving forces behind it, as well as the roadblocks that are standing in the way. We'll publish the results in a series of articles on Streaming Media, and Jan Ozer will include analysis of the findings in an article in the September issue of Streaming Media magazine called "HEVC: Are We There Yet?"

We're looking for your input. Are you already using HEVC? Planning to deply soon, but not quite there yet? Or are you still on the fence?

The survey is only 16 questions long, and shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a random drawing for the chance to win one of three $50 American Express gift cards.


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