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Brightcove Talks Advanced Video Format Support at NAB

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Like many streaming video companies exhibiting at the NAB conference – which is now underway in Las Vegas, Nevada -- Brightcove beat the rush and broke its major story last week. Zencoder, which Brightcove acquired in July, 2012, now supports MPEG-2, MPEG-TS, JPEG 2000 and AVC-Intra in MXF container, among other advanced formats.

The move is a response to a trend the company is seeing, explains Albert Lai, CTO for media and broadcast at Brightcove, where broadcasters are converging their broadcast and digital workflows, creating one unified digital-centric workflow. Merging workflows offers advantages beyond getting broadcast content online easier, such as delivering unified analytics and offering advertisers one unified audience for ad campaigns.

By supporting broadcast formats, Brightcove wants to help broadcasters move to cloud workflows. Broadcasters can load their mezzanine files online, edit them in the cloud, and distribute them to multiple destinations easily. The cloud workflow will output the correct version to each destination.

“Today, we use Zencoder for web and mobile encoding,” says Mark Lemmons, CTO at T3Media. “With Zencoder support for these advanced use cases, we will now be able to scale even more of our media processing operations in the cloud. That translates to more efficient and focused operations for us, and faster time-to-market for our customers.”

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