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TubeMogul Offers Free Video Viewability Reports for All Ad Buyers

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Are those pre-roll spots actually running in a place where they can be seen? Viewability has been a hot topic for the past year, which is why online video media buying platform TubeMogul is rushing forward with a free solution for all ad buyers, not just TubeMogul customers.

Brands and agencies can now get a free video viewability report from TubeMogul for every ad they buy. To use the self-serve system, the advertiser inputs a VAST or VPAID tag, and TubeMogul create a new tag that creates a report.

While there are other viewability resources around, TubeMogul says they use varying standards. The TubeMogul solution offers a single interface where advertisers can see reports from all of their partners at once.

To make the free reports a reality, TubeMogul is using OpenVV, an open source video viewability technology it created, with support from 21 companies including Nielsen and VivaKi. TubeMogul says OpenVV does more than simply report on viewability: It lets the advertiser know why an ad isn't being seen by telling how much of an ad is in frame, if an ad is playing in a background tab, and if a video is muted.

Brand advertisers deserve to know if their ads are being watched, notes Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's CEO and co-founder. That way, they can stop wasting money on ads that are only ignored, he says. 

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